NTC offer 3GB data pack in Rs 100

By: madhavsud

On the occasion of the constitution day, Nepal telecom brings a constitution day offer with an exciting data pack. Ntc has been quite aware recently in bringing a new offer to its customers on some festival or national days. 

Constitution day 2076  offer (constitution day) offer comes into effect from Ashoj 1 to Ashoj 15. The constitution day offer includes a data pack of 3GB for 3 days. Customer shall use the 3GB data with 1GB data volume per day. The cost of the 3GB data pack is Rs 100 (inclusive of all government taxes). This offer is similar to the 1GB per day pack which includes an offer for 1, 7 days and 28 days.

Author: Sudarshan Sharma

Address: New Baneshwor

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