Kathmandu Model Secondary School(KMSS) - Top 10+2 Colleges in Nepal

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Kathmandu Model College (KMC) established in 2000 right in the heart of the capital city. Bagbazar has carved out for itself an enviable niche at the summit of the best colleges in the country. KMC has earned its place of price through the vision and dedication of a team of academics and professionals who have promoted it, the skill of its panel of professors who possess cutting edge knowledge in their fields, and, above all, the brilliance of its students who have been consistently turning in sterling performance every year. KMC reaffirms its determination to build on the achievement of recent excellent performance in the form of 100% success in Science and Management. The growing number of students every year, despite its selective approach to their admission into the college, reveals our popularity and reputation.

As its mott 'Academic Excellence through Quality Education' it never compromise to provide quality education. It has given high priority to select excellent subject teachers, who not only can teach but also encourage students for betterment.


Address: Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Website: www.ktmmodelcollege.edu.np

Phone: +977-1-4242121, 4242015, (KMC +2 Program)

Email: info@ktmmodelcollege.edu.np


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Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

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