Review of movie 'The End of the Tour'

By: Biplab Bastola

I love conversations. Not just those serious talks where you discuss deep stuff but even those when you are talking about random things that you go through in day to day life. So, this movie, The The End of the Tour is about writer David Foster Wallace. I have not read him but want to read him after I have watched this movie. I was quite taken aback when the movie ended. You kind of wish these two characters had some podcast so you could listen to them for hours even when you don’t want to participate much in anything.

There was a time when I used to idolize those perfect characters and wished to be like them. In the times when many movies portray characters as this ‘perfect being’ and one strives to be like them, some characters are just relatable. They are flawed so you can relate to them. This kind of movie makes you feel that it’s okay to have flaws. It is human.

A pure schmaltz this movie is. How I wish they had extended version of this movie!

Author: Biplab Bastola

Address: Jorpati, Kathmandu


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