Nepali students beg government to evacuate

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As there is globally outbreak of novel corona virus since January 2020 its been a problem to every people. Initially this virus was seen in Wuhan capital city of Hubei province china.
One of nepali doctor Dr.bikash neupane from rupendehi ,murgiya says There are more then 180 Nepalese students in Hubei china, most of them are medical there was outbreak of corona virus in china, the china government shut down all modes of transportation and whole province is lock dawn. there are number of students in Wuhan which is most dangerous city of corona virus. Including Shiyan, jingzhou, enshi, Yichang, Xiangyang and other various places more than 180 doctors in hubei province are in problem.
Since last 16 days all students are isolating into their own rooms, there is not enough food to eat and some students are even out of drinking water. Ad basic daily needs the condition is really hard here Dr. B. Neupane said he including his batch mates have completed their master study and were just waiting for certificate and were preparing to come back home and serve nation.where as some students from other city has also complpted study . but the condition suddenly went worse. And life is really hard with full of mental stress and fear that they might catch virus one day.since last 16 days students are in room for 24 hours with lack of sleep lack of food and full of mental stress. lots of request has made to embassy of Nepal and government of Nepal for evacuation but till now no any special action had been implanted till now, which is really sad and frustrating.

Most of students are residents of MD .MS and students of I have called friends in other city the situation is same in every city. every student has question why government is lingering for evacuation for his own citizen?

Every nepali students from Hubei have filled form for evacuation and its already one week but there is no response from government till now. We all have question is government waiting some Nepalese to get infected? is government is waiting some Nepalese student in china to die? If not, why

government is doing late for evacuation in such globally health emergency conditions. Dr. bikash says every day when each student’s family member called they cannot tell real scenario because we think they will get more panic. Every country’s students who were living in same hostel had already been evacuated we keep looking at them and thinking our government and waiting but already more days passed we are still here in epidemic area.

It’s our humble request to Nepal government please be active and evacuate us we
want to go our mother land and want to take long breath.

Finally, Dr. Bikash Neupane said we are not infected till now but we cannot predict the future situation. And request people of Nepal not to panic and do not come and show mass protest against us we are not virus carrier, do not worry even a single person will not get infected because of us because we have to pass medical screening before we leave china and after going to Nepal also we will be in quarantine for 14 there is no point of doing mass protest against us, we just want to come because we want to be safe . Lastly government and people who are doing mass protest please remember we doctors were also those who have worked 24 hours 7 days during earthquake 2015.

Dr . Bikash Neupane (MBBS/MS)

Author: EdTecInfo

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

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