Windows 10 20H1 update, arriving early next year

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Windows 10’s next major feature update codenamed ’20H1′ is currently in development and it’s stated to arrive early next year for consumers.Anyone with a PC enrolled in the Windows Insider program can get an early preview of Windows 10 20H1 update and check out what’s to come in the next big version of Windows.According to a leak, Microsoft has finalized the key features of the update and RTM candidate will be selected by mid-December. Previously, Windows 10 20H1 was scheduled for release in spring 2020 but it appears that we might see the update arrive earlier than expected.

Following are the changes we are expected in new windows update .


Microsoft separated Cortana from the search bar with Windows 10 May 2019 Update to develop both features independently. Windows Search has already received several improvements with the May 2019 Update, but in the 20H1 release, Cortana will be getting the long-overdue update.In Windows 10 20H1, Cortana has been updated to become more conversational and keyboard friendly with an emphasis on text messages.

Bluetooth pairing experience

Windows can automatically detect a supported Bluetooth device like Surface keyboard and mouse when placed near the PC and initiate the pairing process. This saves time as you don’t have to open Settings and find the Bluetooth page.

Cloud Recovery

Windows allowed users to reinstall/reset the operating system with a local copy of the system, recovery drive and DVD. Windows 10’s 20H1 update will offer a new Cloud Recovery feature to help you use the high-speed internet connection and speed up the recovery process.


Task manager

Microsoft is adding the GPU temperature monitor and disk type options to the Task Manager.In addition to Task Manager improvements, Microsoft is updating Game Bar with a built-in FPS feature to help you monitor performance of the games.

Notepad enters Store

With 20H1 update, Microsoft will bring Notepad to the Windows Store, which should result in faster development of the note editor app.

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