Dark theme and new tab for Google Chrome

By: madhavsud

Install dark theme with incredible black wallpapers on every new tab - make your Google Chrome dark and stylish.This is a dark theme with dark new tab for Google Chrome which will make your browsing experience far more stylish! Install dark tab to enjoy a number of black and dark wallpapers on every new tab. But it is not going to be just a set of beautiful pictures! You can also turn on dark theme on any website and use our minimalistic but powerful speed dial which will make your new tab not only beautiful, but also useful. Feel free to customize dark tab and dark theme in the way you want. We provided more than enough options for you to make your own individual dark tab and theme.

Speed and performance have always been of high priority for us. Dark tab is one of the fastest new tab extensions in the store.
This extension has the following features:
- 100% free Google Chrome dark theme and new tab.
- Everything is customizable: the theme, tiles (visual bookmarks), search field, wallpapers and more.
- Very easy to use - one click installation and very simple settings.
- Smart Speed Dial - upload custom images or use default automatic screenshots for any site you want to be on a new tab.
- 49 high quality background images and their rotation if needed.
- Very high speed of the extension due to integrated cache system and content delivery network.

Author: Sudarshan Sharma

Address: New Baneshwor

BCIS Student .....

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