How to use YouTube without adds and play music in background

By: Sandip Pokhrel


You might have tried several ways to play YouTube without adds and play music videos in background but didn't get any options if yes you may go through this post and learn to start using Youtube in background. Here, I'm writing about Youtube Red a premium Youtube platform that offers ad-free video streaming of all the youtube content one should subscribe to use it by paying. To use it for free a modded version can be alternative Youtube Red mod apk that you can download for free and use all the features of it without any problem.

This app doesn’t require root and it won’t ban you from using regular YouTube too and you can get many more features than the original YouTube for free of cost. 

Youtube Red Mod is for anyone who wants to view youtube without ads. Advertisements can be really annoying while watching any content. The application blocks these ads without banning you from using the original Youtube. Hence, The form can be used by Youtube Creators too.

Youtube Red Apk Features

All the content can be played background, i.e., you don’t have to view the video to listen to music. This feature is especially great for music heads and podcast lovers. Background play can also be enabled or disabled according to your liking.

The Application is secure to install, and it requires no root. This is good news for non-tech people.

All the commercials, 5-second skits, and in-app ads are removed. The Application runs seamlessly without any interruption.

You can use special codecs like Vp9 to better the video quality. The codecs can also help you to play video with low data and internet speed. This is an excellent feature for sparse networks.

You can now pinch and zoom on the video which is a nice addition. User Pop Cards info on video playback can also be enabled or disabled.

Various brandings and watermarks from some creators that appear while watching a video can now be disabled. This is a great addition that makes it a bit easier to view videos.

The playback can be done up to the device’s resolution. Most phones have 1080p display so a 1080p video can be streamed without buffering and lag.

You need to download and install apk file by visiting download icons within this post.

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Author: Sandip Pokhrel

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