Emotions evoked by Einaudi

By: Biplab Bastola

This song creates a weird sensation inside me. It makes me go through the moments I have lived and, sometimes, even makes me go through those moments that I have not experienced so far. I feel like I am in my deathbed listening to this song and it makes me take a trip down memory lane.


The music fits so well in that journey.


In the beginning, as the music starts, I am a child; a simple thought and a body in this world. Then my world evolves. With the addition of instruments with different tunes they have, they enrich my life. I remember looking at those big trees and feeling dizzy. The music starts to get more intricate with the addition of instruments and I see my body evolving with my mind. The body even can’t get hold of what the mind is evolving as. I don’t know how to put these in words but I get glimpses of childhood, friends in the neighborhood, dog, parents, school, school teachers, school friends, childish dreams, childish frustrations and many other things. It gets me through those happy times, sad times, angry times and many more times. Then it kind of gets fast-forwarded from here. I can’t relate to the happenings around me. The images that my mind get are changing people and oh-so-fast-changing-world and me not being able to maintain the same pace. Probably, even I am changing like that but I can’t notice it. The friend with whom I used to converse so deeply about my frustrations and future plan when I was 15 is living his quiet life in some part of the world and we don’t care much about each other. The happiness that I had felt when I had wooed my crush then made her accept my marriage proposal and the sadness I felt when she has become just a body and we kind of participate in each other’s loneliness. We passed through so many whirls of hurricane and we are just bodies now. Ups and downs in my career, death of dear ones and not-so-dear-ones. After some time, I find myself as this old man full of memories and ‘experience’. Does it matter at all? May be, it is like this. At last, life is experience. It does not matter if it is ‘big’ or ‘small’. One does not simply quantify ‘experience’. It is what life is. I find myself contemplating about music of life which has turned out to be so intricate; so beautifully woven with several tunes created from numerous instruments of life. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. It makes me nostalgic about the lives I could touch and I could’ve touched.


And all those complexities that my body and mind had had before? They just vanish and so does the ‘experience’ they carried before.

Author: Biplab Bastola

Address: Jorpati, Kathmandu


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