Happened to see a couple's fight. Tried to write from HER perspective

By: Biplab Bastola

It started with small things. You know, those small things that you don't care much to talk about. The ones that you keep bottled up inside thinking it's not worth talking about. And, who knew those very 'small things' would grow up and spread into something big. We were so much in love with each other. We were so overlooking many things. We just ignored them. They did not create even a whoosh while it passed by and into our lives . It was these silent things that we experienced every day but ignored. Then one day, they just became loud..not just loud, but LOUD....LOUDER.....and LOUDEST. Our connection was too fragile for their resilient intensity. And, I tell you, that's not the part where I'm sad at. I'm sad how it took many years to build that rapport, that connection where we had opened ourselves to each other and a day, something pops up and everything's gone! Now I look back, we were very immature to even start this relationship. We were so naive to know that we were not just getting exposed to the bright sides of each other but also face the dark one. Naive enough to think that 'I love you' means just living and eating together. It's not like I don't love you. I do. But...I don't know what to say....we can't just live together tearing each other apart. Now, we have a choice. Either to succumb to the worn-out emotions that's going to ruin the remaining part of our life or trudge through screaming demonic emotions which want us to stay and whine. I choose the latter one. Not for me. But for our child. And, if I'm able to nurture him and see him grow into somebody that I look up to in men, I'll have done my duty. That will be my expression of love for you.

Author: Biplab Bastola

Address: Jorpati, Kathmandu


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